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Bethany Watson of the Elvis Duran Morning Show on Z100 New York. (Photo courtesy of Twitter)

I’ve been a long time listener of the show and always loved it and the lovely addition of Bethany has me crushing badly. Intelligence, beauty, wit, and sense of humor…😊 swoon.

I’m hiring this guy to take care of all the idiots, assholes, imbeciles, morons, douchebags, bitches, dicks, mental defectives, airheads, dipshits, and asswipes. I apologize if I forgot any category of jackass but you are included and also because other individuals may have other choice words by which to address you and your behaviors.
You plague our NY roads with your carelessness and stupidity. Do these things to each other to make room for respectful drivers. The world will be a happier place without you.

Mark Knight at Marquee, NYC: June 27, 2014. Opening set by New York’s amazing duo, Sleepy & Boo. Fantastic night of music!

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